Everyday is a Gift

The universe lays in the palm of your hands….

  • You have the ability to change the world
  • You have the ability to be anything you desire
  • You have the ability to turn your dreams into reality
  • You have the ability to be the best version of yourself every. damn. day.


There is so much beauty in the simple things in life. Take a step back and begin with you. Once you find beauty within, you will find beauty in the simplicity around you.

The universe doesn’t need you to know everything. The universe doesn’t need you to be perfect. The universe just needs you to show up and give it your best shot. Right here, right no, in this present moment in time. So lead by example, share your experiences and inspire others with your actions. The universe has given a gift and you should never hold that back.

The simple things are the most extraordinary things life has to offer, but only a few can see them. Pay attention, unravel your gifts, and live in the present moment. If you haven’t found the beauty… I hope you find it in you to start turning in to what surrounds you.

Every single moment is beautiful, don’t take it for granted.

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See the Good

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CHOOSE to see the good.
You are in charge of your own vibration. Raise it. Adjust it. Cleanse it.

In order to do this it’s not about “letting shit go” or “dealing with it”… Sometimes there are other ways. No matter what you face there is always a choice:

To see the good


To see the negative.

Changing your perspective about situations and things you face in life are important, not only to help you deal with the situation, but to protect your energy as well. It took a little bit of a learning curve of new people coming into my life to realize this, but – if you can find the good in everyday, every situation, and every friendship/relationship not only are outcomes much different but you walk away much happier.

When you choose to SEE the good in something rather then trying to FIND the good in something (yes, yes yes – this can be super hard sometimes) we vibrate differently. Out frequency raises and we attract more (remember: What you put out to the universe you attract) therefore next time you face a situation CHOOSE to see the good whether it is a good or negative situation. Always remember to protect your energy and take charge of your vibration.

Anyways, take it easy my peeps.





Long time no post… I know I know, I am slacking with the blog life…

SORRRRRYYYYY (In the voice of my friend KJ).

Anyways friends, if you aren’t apart of the facebook, instagram, possible twitter life there has been a “challenge” going around to post a picture from 10 years ago and now. As I have gone back and forth, spent time trying to find a picture of myself from 2009, I have come to the conclusion:

The real glow up is not external.

I’ve learned that once you start focusing on yourself internally (emotional, mental, nutritionally) everything about you will change. Honestly, EVERYTHING! You start to view things differently, experience spirituality on another level, and glow from within.

Here are a few things that really stuck with me through this last year of growth – mainly lessons I’ve experienced that left a mark and changed me for the better:

  1. Be the one who nurtures and builds
  2. Be the one who looks for the best in people
  3. Leave people better than you found them
  4. When you focus on you, YOU grow
  5. Fall in love with becoming the very best version of yourself
  6. Lean into discomfort.
  7. Get out of your own way, stop trying to control everything and get it all perfect/exact. Surrender, let go and make room for growth.

Honestly, NUMBER 7 is the hardest for me. Especially with my new job and new role.

I am the hardest on myself – it’s something I know about me. In my field it is hard to suppress the feeling that if I’m better the results will be better, etc, etc. I am on “over thinker” (nothing new to those that know me!) I strive to stay accountable and ensure progressive growth and avoid stagnation and “getting comfortable”. Thats just me… HI WORLD. Anyways, this past week I have been super hard on myself and super anxious. BUT, this evening I had a conversation with the wise old owl who told me to think about the situation I was disappointed in today. He asked me to think about the WORST case scenario and then figure out what I will do… He told me if I have a plan – then I am prepared for the worst case scenario. However, the odds of this “worst case scenario” happening are VERY slim. BUT, on the odd chance that it does happen – there is already a plan in motion. So now that I know what I will do – I don’t need to spend time and energy thinking about it because it wont be unknown or foreign to me if it does happen. I already know what I will do and I AM SET! That hit home for me – I continue to work on less anxious thoughts and worry and bettering myself with positive talk!

Anyways, I hope you all are having a time and living your best life.

Keep being yourself and shinning 🙂 





Without realizing it we get in our own way so much. I am notorious for this. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize what makes you suffer because you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to step back from the momentum of your old life. 

When you do, quite often you can see what is actually happening. The pain of being stuck in your old resentment can AND will drag you down my peeps. & sometimes the belief in your constructing thoughts can eat away at you subconsciously and the chaos from letting your feelings rule will follow. 

GOAL: Clarity

Get our of your own way. Stop resisting your current life. Shift your focus from what you dont have to what is here and available. && Stop doubting every LITTLE thing and allow yourself to receive what you’re being offered. 

Lets be real, raw & exposed here. All of us live in a mind-created past or future and often struggle to simply live in the n o w and just be. When you are clouded by mental noise – you begin to resent yourself. 

Tell yourself the truth about what is and isnt working and reflect… when we take time to reflect we allow our mind (which is normally so full of thoughts) to be still. 

TO: All of you clouded by your own shadow (myself included) 

Focus on:

  1. Self nurture – show yourself some love & be patient
  2. Make time for reflection – do what brings you peace
  3. Rediscover what makes you happy – think back to when you were happiest and what your passions are
  4. Take 1 step in the direction you WANT to head – you will gain momentum by taking your first step- find your accountability buddy
  5. Reinvent – this is literally the most fascinating piece of advice I have ever received. it is never too late to reinvent yourself – even Maya Angelou agrees on this :p

From this moment forwards who do you want to become? what do you want to do?

– ask yourself this –

do you WANT to WANT it?

Or do you actually w a n t it. 


~ It’s a ripple effect. Heal yourself, heal the world. You’re capable 🙂

Goals & Obstacles

Obstacles are detours in the right direction – Gabrielle Bernstein

There are so many things that get in the way of achieving your goals. Doing your best does not always mean to be the best – doing your best means to never stop trying.

Personally, this summer began with a long list of goals and a meticulously planned schedule for everything I wish to accomplish. I have always had big eyes and high hopes for what I would like to accomplish BUT more often than not we encounter obstacles that can be discouraging and make our goals feel un-attainable.

Essentially, anything that diverts our attention away from our goals can take a huge toll on you and your outlook.

Even when obstacles are temporary they still take away from who you strive to be. I am constantly in a state of reminding myself to objectively assess the roadblocks set in front of me and step away from my emotions, anxiety or stress (sometimes all three) in order to identify a new route and keep moving forward.

&& we must ALWAYS, always, move forward – even if its at a snails pace (it’s a lot easier said than done – and evidently… life will get in the way- BUT we cannot let unanticipated disappointment undermine our momentum).

Everything is ALL right.

Nurture your desire.

Don’t spend time criticizing yourself, re-frame the situation and do something to rekindle your desire.

TIP: Take time for yourself, review your goals and adjust where need be.

Birth Control & Periods

Girly post alert…

Ohh the joys of growing up…

There is so much apprehension going on today regarding birth control and the benefits of it. Each woman has the right to consciously decide what they do to their body. When I went to my doctor to go on birth control I got anxious due to my medical history that it would do more harm then good – so I had to go to a specialist. When I first started it I thought “hmm, sounds viable, I’ll give it a go”.

I have never really struggled with heavy periods or excessive cramps – I consider myself quite lucky in this regard. My main struggle has always been hormonal acne (oh, yay). As soon as I started it my body reacted and responded in a way I did not anticipate. So eventually, I hit a point where I said “hell no! this is not me!” My friends were telling me I was not my normal self.. So I think maybe the point slapped me in the face and I decided to listen – lol. I am so thankful that I did and listened to my intuition and friends. Fake hormones did not react well for me and did not work out. Sorry to my friends that had to put up with birth control Amy.

After going off the pill I began talking to some of my friends who also shared their horror stories of different pills and the way their bodies reacted. Don’t get me wrong – if it works for you by all means, you do you girl!! But I believe that for me the fake hormones made me into someone I am not and I acted in ways that I am not proud of. Crazy how one little pill can have a big impact.

Personally, I have always struggled with some sort of hormonal imbalance but was not educated on why or how. The older I get the more interested in natural techniques and wellness I become. Now, don’t get me wrong. Natural methods are not the easiest. It certainly takes persistence and an interest in wanting to do what is best for your body. Without falling into peer pressure or living your life for others.

Like I mentioned, a HUGE factor to Birth Control that compelled me to want to stay on it was the fear of my acne getting worse. Awful, being 22 and having acne. It is one of the things that get me self conscious – especially when I am meeting clients and parents. I feel like I look 12. Although that has been a side effect of me going off birth control, I decided I have to pick and choose my battles. Quite frankly my peeps, life is all about picking and choosing your battles and always looking for the good in every situation. Going through what I have been on my pill journey I have learned a lot about myself.

With that being said, I have now been off Birth Control for about 3 months now and it was one of the most important decisions I have made for my body. So far, I have not had any relapse of going off the pill except acne. However, emotionally I feel SOO much more stable. Your acne will eventually become at bay my peeps. Keep reminding yourself that it does not define you (this is a constant reminder to myself). If someone defines you by your looks and are not interest in getting to know who you are they are not worth your time (MOVE FORWARD, MOVE ON – or as my sister will say “throw out the Kleenex”).

All in all, learn to be in tune with your body and be able to recognize changes that happen with any medication. Always have open communication and be honest with whoever you trust and are with. It is so important.

Whatever floats your boat my peeps.

Keep working on yourself because you are all amazing ❤

Move Forward


Always think about moving forward! Progressing further. Seeking something greater, always. This world has so much to offer, it is up to you to find it. Sitting on the couch looking like a potato isn’t helping you find better or be the best version of yourself.

Think about it..

Are you actually the person you say you want to be?
Do your words, actions, choices, and behaviours reflect the version of yourself you feel best about?
Are you proud of who you are?
Are you confident that others would describe you in the way you ideally want to be described?
What does it mean to be that person?
What does that person prioritize?
How does that person love others?
How do they show gratitude?
What does that person stand for?

Look at yourself. Be critical. BUT be nice to yourself. Some truth may sting, but thats the point. If you know that your words and actions are not reflecting the best version of yourself, lean into space.

We ALL have room to rise up and improve. We all have room to identify how we get in the way of our own life. Challenging you to decide how you want to be, decide what areas need attention, and live each day one day at a time committed to creating the best version of yourself. That person you want to be.

You all got this and you can all do it ❤